Photo #1 - This Is My First Ever Tank, Cost Me Alot.

2030 gallons saltwater fish tank (mostly fish, little/no live coral) - This is my first ever tank, cost me alot.
Submitted By: Mr X on
Photo Caption: This is my first ever tank, cost me alot.
2030 gallons saltwater fish tank (mostly fish, little/no live coral) - This is my first ever tank, cost me alot.

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Country: Australia
Description: 7 foot salt water tank, set into the wall of my restaurant.
Advice: Rate mine high or ill stab you where you stand
Fish Kept: Lost count sorry
Corals/Plants: Yes
Tank Size: 2030 gallons
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About Yourself: Was a gold fish, reincarnated as human


The problem isn't the amount of fish, its the size those fish are going to get if they make it. The sohal tang alone will be over 16". Multiple powder blues at 9" each, naso at 18" and so on. I'm assuming at 7ft that tank is around 300 1" of fish per 5 gallons your well past that. Nice to look at but longevity is not so good! fish avatar
Wow! Gorgeous. Impressive with the number of expensive fish and a powerful filtration system. fish avatar
Don't mind rude comments. Your tank is your dream, no mater rich or poor. Nice tank. fish avatar
With that heavy of a bio-load on your tank, what type of filtration system do you use to keep the water from clouding up? Also, do you have a cleaner crew (Cleaner shrimp, crabs, etc) in the tank? If I had to guess, I'm going to go with you having a commercial level filtration system and skimmer. All-in-all though, nice tank. fish avatar
Also congrats to BretandBrandie for the stupidest comment ive readlately "People are just jealous. And I don't thinkl you have too many fish. Look at the ocean guys......... -" fish avatar
Lets see an updated picture,should be interesting....good example of too much money and too little research. fish avatar
good 1. fish avatar
got fish fish avatar
I would put my LayZboy right in front of that tank and marinate for hours. Incredible. Best Ive ever seen. fish avatar
i have a 5 footer and did my research and the site told me 18 fish is the most i can keep there . i am not going to keep that much hell i still am curing it with live rock . this take has tooo many fishes ,., poor fishes fish avatar
Lovely tank. Nice work! fish avatar
Wow is all I can say. It is an impressive amount of fish in there. Not my style but hey each to their own. I would hate to have to foot the food bill etc. lol ;P Also must admit am a bit jealous of it however. Bet the customers just love it too a real talking peiece. DOnt know much about saltwater tanks. IS it healthy to have that many in there what sort of filter system do u have? fish avatar
ugh..... take out the i in recarnated i cant spell anyhting right today... hate ur aquarium... you say dont have anyhting nice to say dont say it all lol well i guess sayin ur gana stab somone is nice to say?????? fish avatar
your a gold fish recarnaited as a gold fish....... retard...... fish avatar
i gave u a 1 fish avatar
oops i ment oscars lol fish avatar
dude wat the hell u kno thats a waste of muny like 3/4 of those are mostlikly ganna die. tropical90 u have fresh water alot different then salt water...... o yea total waste of muny.. and ascors rnt shit fish... there awsome especial wen u feed them baby mice... fish avatar
plus the tank is 8' deep right? Thats plenty of space for that many fish fish avatar
Amazing how many people get a hair up there ass when they see someone's impressive tank. I love the tank and don't care if you have someone that takes care of it for you. You have a business to run. People are just jealous. And I don't thinkl you have too many fish. Look at the ocean guys........ fish avatar
So when the fish die do you serve them up at your resturant? fish avatar
is it lonely up there on that pedestal? fish avatar
very nice selection of fish,,,,don't worry about the idiot comments...jealousy gets them no-where fish avatar
nice tank, is it fish only? fish avatar
Beautiful tank. fish avatar
How many gonna still alive in one year? fish avatar
well yea of course he has a huge tank he's a fucking restaurant owner with a shitload of money to blow who wouldn't? fish avatar
I dont care what the others say...There just jealous! AWESOME salt tank. I love it. fish avatar
Agree with fishlover29 way too many fish for marine tank. fish avatar
Beautiful tank. How many powder blues are in there? fish avatar
There are too many fish in there. fish avatar
ok .... did china shit steel your pic fish avatar
I have freshwater tanks and have lots of fish in some. all you need is good filters. I love your tank. fish avatar
pretty nice tank sooooooooooo many fishj fish avatar
Thanks for your much appreciated comment, but if you don't have something nice to say, please don't say anything at all :) (just a nice message from the NICER side of fish avatar
lol it doesnt get any more pathetic than this fish avatar


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