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State: Maryland
Country: United States
Description: we are fist time saltwater tank owners.we set it up in may of 2008. we bought live sand but did not use live rock. we have tufi and lava rock and a few small pieces of lace rock. we let the tank sit empty with just the rock and sand untill july.when we began adding fish we started small with damsels and then clown fish. we bought the aquarium "kit" from walmart and bought a small heater from our local fish store. no special lighting or filters. just what came with our tank kit.
Advice: enjoy the process, dont rush things. it is one of the most amazing processes i have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. i loved doing the aquascaping with each of my fishes personalities in mind.some like to hide, some like to rest and some like to swim so set the tank up with lots of options for those needs. although i dont currently have an isolation/aclimation tank i would recomend it if you plan on having bold or agressive fish they will bite and end up killing new fish that seem week.the biggest problem i have is the older fish attacking new arrivals. i am going to try using a small hatchery for the time being.
Fish Kept: currently i have: 1 udulated trigger (hippo) 1 porcupine puffer (nemo) 1 large blue velvet damsel (elvis) 1 blue devil damsel (big blue) 1 dwarf lionfish (fluffy) 2 true percula clown fish (marlin and coral) 1 flame scallop 2 purple urchines 1 tiger pistol shrimp 1 white chocolate chip starfish 2 camel shrimp 2 curly q anenome 2-3 small bulb anemone 20+ tube anemones assorted colors 20 + assorted hermits(blueleg, scarlet, jade, zebra) 10 + assorted snails(cerith, nassarius, astrea) who knows how many worms in the sand
Corals/Plants: copods chaeto red/green grass algea
Tank Size: 55 gallons
Quote: live well, laugh often, love much
About Yourself: this was my gift to myself for graduating from college. i am a massage therpist and my tank is my therapy. it is so calming i can spend a rediculous amount of time just observing. for my boyfriend its all about the carniverous fish. he loves to see them feed !


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