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Photo Caption: Left side
fish tank picture - Right side
fish tank picture - Left side
fish tank picture - My old 46 gallon bowfront
9 gallons reef tank (mostly live coral and fish) - My current ADA 60f reef The clarity and quality of these tanks are amazing!!
9 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - Got bitten by the Cichlid bug again. Decided to kick it old school and start another African Cichlid tank again. For old times sake.
saltwater fish - chelmon rostratus - copperband butterflyfish stocking in 9 gallons tank - My Copper Band Butterfly snacking on feather dusters in my 46 gallon reef tank.
corals inverts - briareum sp. - starburst polyp stocking in 9 gallons tank - I know starpolyps are pretty common, but I love this picture I snapped. Had to put it on.
saltwater fish - amphiprion percula - true percula clownfish stocking in 9 gallons tank - My favourite fish in the tank. My Clownfish. He's a cute one.
saltwater fish - opistognathus rosenblatti - blue spot jawfish stocking in 9 gallons tank - My little Jawfish
saltwater fish - pterapogon kauderni - kaudern's cardinal stocking in 9 gallons tank - Cardinal.
saltwater fish - chiloscyllium sp. - shark egg stocking in 9 gallons tank - My expected Bamboo Catshark. When back lit with a flash light, you can see him swimming around inside his protective egg casing. I have a 380 gallon established tank, that was bought entirely for him, awaiting his arrival. He will share the tank with just live rock aquascaped to his natural environment. He is currently being incubated in an 8 gallon Oceanic Bio Cube.

More Info

Country: Canada
Description: ADA 60f Dimensions: 24"x12"x7" Equipment: 3x hob filters ATO System Refugium Lighting: 4x24 watt T5HO 2x15,000k Geisemann Bulbs 1xTrue Blue Actinic Geisemann Bulb 1x10,000k KZ Bulb
Advice: Patience and attention to detail.
Fish Kept: Royal gramma
Corals/Plants: SPS & LPS & Zoas
Tank Size: 9 gallons
Quote: Skittles, tank the rainbow!
About Yourself: Been in the hobby for about five years. My very first fish was an Oscar. Then moved over to the freshwater comunity tank. I then went on to African Cichlids, then made the move to fully planted aquariums, now I have fully put all my attention to reef keeping.


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