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Photo Caption: my tank

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State: Ohio
Country: United States
Description: 48x18x20, 260 watt power compacts, 125 wetdry without bio balls, 50lb live rock, 80lb live sand, aqua c remora pro protein skimmer, 2 aquaclear 70 power heads, and a three hundred watt heater.
Advice: Read and understand what you are doing. Patience is the key.
Fish Kept: clown trigger, blue devil damsel fish, and some blue legged hermit crabs,
Corals/Plants: halimeda plant, some sponges, hair algae, coralline algae, and a aptasia farm!!
Tank Size: 75 gallons
Quote: It's only rock n roll but I like it.
About Yourself: don't want to know!


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