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Photo Caption: Right side of Tank
fish tank picture - Son in tank for size Refferance
corals inverts - trachyphyllia radiata - brain coral, wellsophyllia stocking in 160 gallons tank - Open Brain
corals inverts - stenopus hispidus - banded coral shrimp stocking in 160 gallons tank - Coral Banded Shrimp
corals inverts - lysmata amboinensis - scarlet skunk cleaner shrimp stocking in 160 gallons tank - Cleaner Shrimp in Fish wash waiting!!!
saltwater fish - acanthurus coeruleus - blue caribbean tang stocking in 160 gallons tank - Atlantic Blue Tang
corals inverts - cladiella sp. - cauliflower colt coral stocking in 160 gallons tank - colt coral
160 gallons reef tank (mostly live coral and fish) - Right side of Tank
corals inverts - montipora capricornis - montipora capricornis, red stocking in 160 gallons tank - Red Montipora Cup
saltwater fish - acanthurus leucosternon - powder blue tang stocking in 160 gallons tank - Powder Blue Tang
corals inverts - tridacna crocea - crocea clam stocking in 160 gallons tank - Clam
corals inverts - sinularia sp. - finger leather coral stocking in 160 gallons tank - Clown Gobbie hosting in finger leather
corals inverts - turbinaria peltata - cup coral, pagoda stocking in 160 gallons tank - Yellow Pagoda Cup
corals inverts - actinodiscus sp. - blue mushroom stocking in 160 gallons tank - Bright blue Mushrooms
corals inverts - protopalythoa sp. - button polyp stocking in 160 gallons tank - Green button polyps
160 gallons reef tank (mostly live coral and fish) - Full view if my 125 inwall with a 55 gallon sump/and 27 gallon refugium viewable

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State: Florida
Country: United States
Description: I have a 125Gal Reef tank 6feetX2FeetX18 inches. I have 180LBS of live rock. I have a 4 inch sand bed. I am running a Little Giant 4 pump 1050 GPH at 3 feet Three #4 K powerheads moving 3600GPH 40X flow in display tank. I am running one 400W Metal Halid in the middle and two 250W MH on each side. I run a Euro Reef RS80 Protein skimmer. I have a 27 gallon refugium
Advice: Take your time and read read read.
Fish Kept: 1 Sail Fin Tang 2 Regal Tangs 1 Atlantic Blue Tang 3 Fire fish Gobbies 1 shrimp Gobbie 1 lawn mower blennie 1 green cromis 1 Jail bird damsel Mating pair of perculas clowns 1 maroon clown 1 coral banded shrimp 1 cleaner shrimp 1 clown gobie 150 blue leg crabs 20 scarlet crabs 80 nasseras snails 20 turbo snails 50 other snails 10 mexican red leg crabs 5 emerald crabs
Corals/Plants: 1 Large Green neon open Brain large colony or cabbage leather 1 blue stage blue tip 1 green birdsnest 1 superman coral 1 red Montipora Cap 1 purple Montipora cap 1 purple SPS 1 large Colt Coral 1 Green kenya tree. 2 pink kenya trees Brown button polyps green button polyps mand different collonies of zoa 2 large finger leathers 1 toad stool leathers large colony or giant hariy mushrooms Green strip mushrooms purple mushrooms blue mushrooms pulsing xenia Yellow pagoda cup Star Polyps Im sure there are more I can't remember right now
Tank Size: 160 gallons
About Yourself: I am a golf pro in Florida


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