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Photo Caption: marine tank with a beutiful selection of marine fish and mostly soft corals and others

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Country: South Africa
Description: 120cm by 60cm by 60cm, sera aqua daro, t5 lighting, 1600l externial cascade dolfin filter, via aqua bio filter, and astro power head, via aqua heater x2
Advice: be patient, always think carefully before you purchase any fish, equipment, corals, never give and always select the best equipment
Fish Kept: tomato clown x2, gobies x2, fire goby x1,cleaner shrimp x2, leopard wrasse, spotted wrasse, evansi antgias x2,regal tang, bangai cardinals x2.
Corals/Plants: colt leather coral, flower pot, waving hand, tubeworms, finger leather coral, anemone, toadstool mushroom leather coral
Tank Size: 115 gallons
Quote: i found nemo in africa
About Yourself: may parents they bought me my first gold fish bowl, from there i upgraded to tropical, after a few years i decided to start marine.


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