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350 gallons reef tank (mostly live coral and fish) - Reef tank
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Photo Caption: Reef tank
350 gallons reef tank (mostly live coral and fish) - Reef tank

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State: Florida
Country: United States
Description: Reef tank. Update 2017. What is funny is I had moved the tank to Florida in van (crazy experience) buckets batteries, crazy. My wife shot a pic when I set it back up. Look close, see the glue still visible. I am not much into recognition so I never shot pics of it in New Mexico 9 years old, that was something!!!
Advice: Water movement, and then more water movement. Lighting and finally watching and more watching. Your tank will tell you what it needs. You will know when whatever you stick in it just thrives. Also let the animals tell you the secret!!
Fish Kept: I have a serious opinion about the fish. Have a plan and wait till you are ready and put them in all at once. Hard to watch when a new one is added and the others kill it slowly day after day. My wife would go crazy asking me to get it out.......and you know how that goes, to much damage to what you have built to get one fish.
Corals/Plants: lps,sps,soft. 2017 update, are you all wondering about the rocks. The base rock are single pieces from the desert that used to be the ocean. Reef rock attached to the the large desert rocks. You want to know where to get them? Study the earth 10k years ago. The one in the center weighed like 60 lbs. Make your own secrets!!
Tank Size: 350 gallons
About Yourself: Work a lot.


So amazing.... this is the best i've seen! great looking Tank! fish avatar
stunningly beautiful---some day I hope to have a tank that size, all time #1 beauty fish avatar
Very nice aquascape! Very natural. Probably my favorite on the whole site. Where did you get that background. Or was it a DIY background. fish avatar
wow nice tank!! i like to see some thing other than the norm wall of with tha guy below me, WE NEED A FOLLOW UP SHOT SOON!! fish avatar
very nice tank. is #1 in my opinion. can only imagine + couple years. fish avatar
One of the best aquascapes i,ve seen.Well done. fish avatar
amazing. how did you build the rock like that? fish avatar
amazing tank. fish avatar


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