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State: New York
Country: United States
Description: I have a 90 gallon customize L shape reef and fish tank. My dimensions are 48x48x36x36. 12 inches wide by 20 inches high. I have t5 for lighting 1200 overflow and a 29 gallon sump pump which contains a 1200 octopus protein skimmer and 1200 water pump and last but not least a calcium reactor.
Advice: My advice to somebody that is new to this hobby is to do some research first of all. Make sure that you know what you are doing because this is an expensive hobby and not only that it requires a lot of maintenance and time. I have really learned a lot by researching and because my brother is a marine biologist in Puerto Rico.
Fish Kept: I have several kinds of fishes and invertebrates in my tank like ocellaris clown fishes, yellow tang, naso tang, blue damsel, firefish, clark clownfish pacific blue tang, stipped black and grey angel fish, chocolate chip sea star, snails, crab, blue small lobster and shrimps.
Corals/Plants: Some of the corals that I have are xenia, trachyphyllia, leather toadstool coral, blue yellow and candycane sponges, etc...
Tank Size: 90 gallons
Quote: " I Love My Small Salt Water Paradise"
About Yourself: I am a 45 year old man that operated a machine in a paper company for years. I became disable after having a horrific accident at work. After being without a job and staying at home lonely cause my wife went to work and my children went to school I had to keep my mind ocupied. A friend of mine took me to his house to show me his tank and it was so gorgeous that I became interested in this type of hobby. Besides having a truck that I take all over the state for carshows.


very neat set up fish avatar
Thank You for all your votes people I really appreciate it> fish avatar
I updated my reef and fish tank with new lighting and a couple of new things. fish avatar


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