Photo #3 - I'm Not Great Photographer (needless To Say)...

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Photo Caption: I'm not great photographer (needless to say) but you get the point. I open to questions and "constructive" criticism.
fish tank picture - I will try and add more pics w better camera soon
fish tank picture - Just another pic (I need a better camera)
220 gallons saltwater fish tank (mostly fish, little/no live coral) - I'm not great photographer (needless to say) but you get the point. I open to questions and "constructive" criticism.

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State: Massachusetts
Country: United States
Description: All glass tank that I have had for 30 + years!! Still use under-gravel filter (that's right). w four power heads. I also use two Marineland Magnum 330 canister filters running micron cartridges and I also use a Marineland 530 C canister filter running Chemi-pure blue and Poly-filters. Since it is "fish tank" I went rather simple on the lighting. Four florescence tubes w different spectrum's. Also three halogen spot lights. A friend help me make the hood so the fixtures are from home depot since you can't see them when the hood is shut.
Advice: Good luck
Corals/Plants: N/A
Tank Size: 220 gallons
About Yourself: I got into this hobby (30 years ago) w 150 gallon salt water tank. I enjoy doing huge water changes monthly, cleaning filters, scrubbing tanks & mopping up salt water at 2 am ! (haha-just kidding). Actually I got into this to pick up hot woman! (again-jk). I am into everything w water-scuba diving etc. I also make my own frozen fish food as I feel it is the key to keeping large fish (Angels, Tangs etc.) looking good. I know there are some awesome freeze-dried & frozen foods out there and I am not saying I don't feed my fish them on occasion. However i discovered that by going to the fish market (even at your grocery store) you can buy raw shrimp. clams, scallops, muscles and grind them up w some vita-chem and spirulina and it is way cheaper than any "other" frozen food you can buy.


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