I'm Moving

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I'm Moving

by Deltasigpony3648

Help im moving in a month and i need to know all the tricks to moving my tank and nothing to die

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by Serial324556

Not sure of a good way but I would start cycling a small tubberware container with a lid.
Snowboss just got one that is like 3-4 gallons.

If you cycle it and put a powerhead in it for circulation then on the day of the move just throw them in and they can stay in there for a few hours or if you have to maybe a day if you throw a filter on it at your new place.

I could be overthinking this, maybe someone has a better way? haha.
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by dick_headers

I moved my 75G (the big one pictured) 3 times with all the rocks fishes and creatures. I gotta go to the bed now ( my Mom is a mean one, she wont let me stay up late) but I'll get back with you soon.

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by Snowboss4492

how far ya goin? if its across town i'd just carefully pt everything i could on the floor of the tank {so it won't fall over in there} then on move day syphon off as much water as you can....make the move and put that syphoned water back in....wait a day or so and start moveing things back and doing regular maint.

if your making a long distance move .....I would seriously look at selling or gifting some things away {especially anything that isn't real "hardy"} {sorry} and then maybe a nano tank with battery air pumps and have it cycled and ready to go before you move...........also could you have a temp tank cycled at where ever you are going prior to the move? and remember to acclimate everything from tank to tank to tank....good luck man , I don't envy you at all for having to do this........Snowboss

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by Deltasigpony3648

well ill give you guys a break down of how im thinking of doing it
i went out and got 4 - 5 gallon buckets (the one i use for ro water and im going to buy a 35 gallon drum . soo when its time im going to
1) put my 60+ lbs of rock in a plastic tub and moving it to the new place
2) separately bagging / tupperwareing each fish and coral
3) then taking my 55 gallons of water and moving it to the new place
4) cleaning the tank sides and taking out sand
5) cleaning the sump and tossing the water
6) Move tank stand and sump to new place
7) Paint back of the display tank
8) Set up system
9) Place in rinsed substrate
10) put back the 55 gallons of water
11) put back LR
12) bring temp back up check lvls
13) Place fish and inverts back in
14) replacing the 45 gallons in sump with new water,

what do you think

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by saltwaterpimp

i have done this a few times..
1 make sure you take every thing out of the tank and seperate put rocks in containers as many as nedded.. corals need to be seperated in plastic bags or tuppaware ect then put them in a storage bin.. if its cold in your area keep the storage containers warm.wrap them in blankets
2 go to your new place if you can and make some fresh salt water get it ready in case you spill some.
3. take your time and plan this out..
i moved 30 min away from where i lived the temp was -3 with the wind chill and all my buddies stiffed me when it was time to move. i did a 100 mph to my new home. i made it in like 9 min. my water droped 7 degrees. no corals died. but all coraline parished..it was a sad day. on the good note it grew back quickly{ a few months} so make sure you have a plan and some real friends..
good luck

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by Deltasigpony3648

i have a bunch of frat brothers and 2 real one and it less than a mile away and its during warm weather

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by miami754

I just transported 5 pieces of coral 12 hours to my mother-in-laws. It was good times. Everything lived and is doing great. I put them in little individual buckets and each time I stopped, I opened up each one and aggitated the surface of the water for a bit. I also kept the buckets in styrofoam containers.

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by somalia123

i moved in january, i bought some big rubbermaid containers put most of the water and all of the live rock. the only thing i left in the tank was the sand. i baged the coral and the fish. when i got into the new place i put the water and the rock back in and waited for the water to be the right temp and aclimated everything. nothing died, but the coraline did suffer a little(nothing big). it was a pain in the ass and my tank is only 37 gal. good luck

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by amadeo

i think it depends on how big the tank is. if its a big tank 100 gallon or bigger your already going to need help so i would advise to go to a saltwater fish shop in this matter, and let them handle it and save you the worries. you just need to give them a service charge . go to your best salt water shop and tell them you need help in moving them . i have a 100 gallon tank ( thanks to who determined the size) and in a year i will be moving to a new house . now i will do things a little different as i will already have a new bigger tank there a 200 gallon tank and i will slowly be moving most of the water , rocks , coral and finally fishes . i wont be moving the actual glass tank. it would already be put in place. and as i dont have a sump , a canister filter is so much easier to move. i guess i found a benefit for sump VS canister filters. heehehehhe . seriously god luck

I'm Moving

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