2 Danio dead

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2 Danio dead

by bltailor

ok. I am new to this and am having some trouble. I have 40 gallon tank. Stocked with (now 5) danio and 3 SAE. Today I had one of the Danios die. Before he died he started swimming upside down and sideways. I did a 4 gallon water change today so am not sure if that is coincidental or not. Now last week, I had a danio die in the same manner. What is going on? the Ammonia and nitrite tests are good. Also all the other fish are acting normally. It seemed to happen very sudden just as with the previous danio. Thoughts please. Thanks

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Re: 2 Danio dead

by Brikemond2250

ok 1st off, you said that you have a 40 gal, well if you only take out 4 gal of water during a water change, your only doing a 10% water change, next time try taking out double that amount. As far as how your fish are action, there could be a few things that are causing this problem. 1. you might not have the Ph at the proper level, fish tend to shake or swim erratically when there Ph is not at the proper level, to fix this problem just add Ph up or Ph down. 2. the fish could have been injured in such a manner that thier swim bladder became damaged, if this is the case then there is not much that you can do.

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I'd go with either chlorine or chloramine

by Wisebonzai2199

A lot of times an owner doesn't treat the 10% of water being added for chloramine and it takes 48 hours for it to usually begin killing fish. Signs are spinning fish who are gasping for air, and showing signs of having difficulty breathing.

Other things I can think of would be poor water quality, not enough air circulating, and/or too many chemicals. All of the above will kill fish. Danios, although a hardy fish, tend to die extra easy from overly chemically treating an aquarium.

I suggest renewing your charcoal filtration, if you have one and if not, then please add a back filter to your aquarium, so that you can have some charcoal filtration added to what you already have.

I hope this has been helpful.:)

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by yasherkoach

I sometimes like to go to the last thread, and respond to it.

before I do, where is Peter Karig? Always liked his posts

I agree with brikemond, 4 gallons of water is too little, either do a 9 gallon wc twice a week or a 18 gallon water change one a week.

danios are very hardy fish. the fish may have some form of parasite attached to it, or like wisebonzai said, poor water quality

post is dated 2007...how time flies by :)~

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by a1k8t31524

i am ggonna have to go with swim blatter problem on this one

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by zambize

Danios are not that sensitive to pH. I would not add pH up/down. That only causes fluctations pH. In fact, never use pH up/down products. Your guaranteed to have fluctuating pH when you do that. Simply get fish that thrive in your pH.


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by esparzar1

Maybe they were sick when this person purchased them from the lfs?

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by yasherkoach

I read somewhere that ph up and down is not good for live plants. Besides, like zambize said, stay away from echimcals as much as you can

crap happens in our tanks, you try to do the best you can to prevent things of this nature, but crap happens.

last thing you want to do is compound the problem with more chemicals, more doubt...just leave it be

last wekk I had a danio swim about in circles, twirling around crazy, almost somewhere floating on its side at times...but I left him alone.

This week, the fish is fine. Zebra danios are very resilient, give the fish a little more confidence in itself, most likely it will pull through.

A water change will most definitely help; and a better filter system will help too. Outside of this, I say, let nature take care of its own.

2 Danio dead

8 posts

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