10 gallon newb....sorta

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10 gallon newb....sorta

by Sanna92

First off, I'm new to the site and I say hello^_^

Ok, I just recently bought a 10 gallon tank. I've had fish before but that was 7, almost 8 years ago and I had no idea what I was doing back then. I haven't set it up yet but that'll happen this week. I decided to use sand as a substrate and I want to put real plants in there as well, along with some decor too. I was thinking of getting a Dwarf Gourami but I don't know what other kind of fish I could put in there, seeing as it's a 10 gallon tank. I was thinking an algae eater as well, but what else could I get? Any advice? I know I'm thinking in the future, after my tank is done cycling and all that, but I wanted to make sure that the fish I buy are the fish I want.

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by boylestd

The general rule for fish is 1 inch per a gallon, also mind the fish's temperment. I have heard that multiple male gouramis do not get along. Just research the type of fish you want. Dont get a common pleco because it will grow far too large for your tank.

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by neontank

dont get to many gouramis for this size tank as the lfs usually only selss the males beacasue they are more colourfull and also wait a little while to put in an algae eater beacause there will not be that much algae for it to eat even if you feed it algae wafers

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by Sanna92

I was only wanting to get one gourmani and possibly some neon tetras. I've seen/read on how big pleco's can get and I'm not bothering on a common, just a small algae eater after the tank's been set up a while.

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by MayhemMonkey

i haven't had luck with dwarf gouramis they always seem to be a bit too aggressive and fin nippy for my tastes, especially with small tanks. i had one in a ten gallon and it liked to harass my poor little platties. maybe if possible you could go for a sunset gourmai. i have two males in my 29 gallon and they are very docile. then again maybe i just had bad dwarf gouramis. :p

as for an algae eater otos are nice and they don't get big at all.

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by tucker15

i would say 1 or 2 dwarf gouramis
5 guppies
and a couple algae eaters

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by Skye01

Hi There,

The Sunset Gourami as pictured above gets to be about 10cm, trust me I have one. An ideal Gourami to get is the little Honey, they are quite docile and remain at a cute 5/6cm. They also have interesting feeding habits...

As for algae eaters, even Otos, I find that they start to pester your other fish and try to latch onto the side of some of the slower moving fish. The Algae Eater I find tends to get quite territorial with size and age, so I got rid of mine. I would suggest an Ancistris Catfish or Panda Corys they generally clean up the substrate and such. If you want something that tends to keep algae at bay have a look at getting a couple of regular Mollies, they seem to love eating algae.

Hope this helps you out.

10 gallon newb....sorta

7 posts

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