stupid not pimp

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Who thinks he stinks

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stupid not pimp

by freshwaterpleco

Saltwater pimp is stupid with all his smart allek commets.

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by Peterkarig3210

It looks to me that it's YOU who is dissing people on this site and making personal attacks on issues unrelated to fish keeping. This isn't a bar full of chicks to fight over. It's a site where people try to respectfully give each other advice. If you don't agree with someone there's no reason to make personal insults against them.
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by angus4481

you gotta be huffing alot of california's smog to come up with a topic like that. how long you been keeping tanks? must not be long if you can't even cure ick. And your profile says: About Yourself: a expert on fish .........BS! If ur a fish expert, Why do you ask so many questions in the forums, instead of helping others. every one who owns a fish tank has different ways of doing things. thats the reason for these forums, to learn from one anouther. not talk crap because you dont agree with a persons methods or opinions. In my opinion, you owe pimpin an apollogy, this vote is BS. oh yeah, your gonna be embarassed when you see other peoples opinions on this vote

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by tangerine

what a topic.

freshwaterpleco,fish expert as stated in yr profile refers to all types of fishes? if so,instead of spending time starting a thread like this,share yr expertise to help out others with fishes problems.

if yr expertise lies in FW fishes,bear in mind, marine n FW set ups do differs somewhat.

folks come to forums to seek advices and if u have a different opinion to saltwaterpimp,do post up yr comments and let others hear all the opinions. afterall forums are places where ppl share experiences and opinions.

i do agree with augus,u owe saltwaterpimp an apology.

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by spongebob4460

two words pleco: grow up

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by jav36

hey pleco lets look at your little freshwater tank then look at his reef. you sound like a little girl.

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by Saltycrab

I don't even need to read this guys/kids other posts. I've been seeing alot of his type. He is a kid that gets put down in real life so he has to vent in here cuz it makes him feel big and cool. I'm here for the advice, not chat wars with children. Pimp seems to have the knowledge and good personality. Take care all.

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by Snowboss4492 I really reading this? I think the poll should have been {if we are going to single someone out} how many people have benifieted from advise or direction from Saltwaterpimp? how many people have looked at his beautiful reef system? how many people have stayed in this hobby when somthing terrible has happened to their tank and he has encouraged us to keep on keein on?
"The coolest thing about owning a Porsche?" not having to prove it, lol I see some blue rocks and some plastic plants in one profile and I see thousands of dollars worth of coral and perfect crystal clear SALT water and many many hours of hard work and pride in his passion in the other - - -HHHMMMMMMMM who am I going to listen to??? Good luck to all

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by Snowboss4492

also all fairness here . . . . I have yet to find a smart alleck {sp} remark posted from the Pimp???? did you just pull a name out of a hat to spray ignorance at?


Snowboss - YES

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by freshwaterpleco

Guys will you just keep your mouth shut. I am an expert on fish. Maybe i like to ask questions on the forum that people don't know to help them get better. A forum isn't just for questions you need to know. And i'm sorry SaltWater Pimp for the bad things i did to you. It's that when you sold the fish you were acting like a brat. But i'm going to impress all of your by the freshwater 60 gallon i'm getting later this year. So you guys need to chill out. It's not about you. I can use the forum however i want to do and you can't change a thing you snotty's. Lucky for you i'm barely going to post on freshwater and move to salt. And angus i can cure ick. My Black Molly had really bad ick and i cured it in 2 days. I will delete this post

stupid not pimp

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