Overfeeding Cory's

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Overfeeding Cory's

by saltair77

My tank is new and for now only has three Platies and two Cory's. The Platies appeared a little constipated so I skipped a feeding, I feed twice a day. I still dropped a couple sinking pellets in for the corys. This afternoon I tried soaking granules before feeding them to the Platies. The granules all sunk straight to the bottom. The platies picked off a few pieces on the way down, but most landed on the bottom. I had already dropped acouple more pellets in for the Cory's. They were going crazy eating as fast as they could. Am I going to have a problem with them eating too much? They seem to want to eat ALL the time. I did not expect them to be so active, they are all over the tank.

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by yasherkoach

fish eat much more than just the "eyeful" that most experts speak of...fish do 3 things all their lives: mate, scavenge for food and play...food is a biggie in their lives

if the platies are constipated you can drop a few peas in (mush the pulp inside the shell out - discard the pea shell and just drop the pulp into the tank, once or twice a week will rid the tank of any constipation plus it is naturally nutritious

for 5 fish which you have, the fish should be fed as much as they are willing to eat within 2 minutes - spread the flakes or what have you over the tank so all the fish can eat

the key to feeding is not to overfeed; to do this depends on how many fish you have in the tank, less fish less food or time to feed; more fish just the opposite...so when you see the flakes floating about the tank for more than 2 minutes you know you overfed...just need about 5 pellets to do the job for 2 corys.

let us know how it goes

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by natalie265

Be careful Yasher. Do we know how big the pellets are? I feed my 7 cories ONE pellet per day. The pellets are about the size of a penny!

Fish might eat more than an eye full, but i think we also need to consider that they graze on algae and other microscopic organisms that are in the tank.

Overfeeding Cory's

3 posts

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