My new Tank!

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by Peterkarig3210

Damn!!! For plastic plants that is an awsome arrangement.

Very nice!

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by stingraysrule

I would be worried about that tank hanging off that cabinet.
Could it shatter that way?
The weight of the water is not distributed evenly.

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by jdak702

Cool colors. I don't see an uneven waterline. If you are ever worried about the support and don't want to buy a new stand, you could cut a piece of plywood out in that shape and put it under. I have a 46gal bow as well and i think the stand was just over $100.

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by prdoring

Thanks for the positive feedback! As far as the stand goes I will be purchasing a legitimate one next Friday when I get paid... Any advice on how to transfer stands without much exhaustion?

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by prdoring

Ok well this picture does not do it justice, at all (all I have is my I-phone)... Now my tank is also the best night light ever. I got a strip of waterproof blue moon-glow LEDs from eBay ( $10 (-: ) and they look great, and now I can see my elephant nose when he is most active!

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by findingjohn

Very nice set up. Keep up the good work.

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by TigerTaylor8906

I would not have a tank hanging like that, however, my lfs has had a tank sitting further over the edge than that for over three years now! But who knows, it would def make me nervous. As far as moving it to a new stand, what I would do is turn off the filters and take out damn near all the water. Leaving just enough for the fish to be able to move around, and take out any big heavy rocks. Prolly need 2 people to pick it up and a third to swap the stands out from under it. Good luck.

My new Tank!

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