2 days ago i said goodbye

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2 days ago i said goodbye

by lionlord3502

my main tank hit 96. both my one lion and my beta are dead at the age of 6 years. so far i have lost my entire nano tank wiped out. i have lost 3 corals one that is going to make pimp cry. he will know that one. i will send out a worning to all thos with not pets but kids in there tanks watch your tank temps closly. im at over 600$ in losses so far and counting.

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by peterkarig

Yikes! This is one of the reasons I stay in the fresh water. Sorry to hear of your loss.

I have super trained cats. They're not allowed on the train set or most of my tanks. They won't even jump up on these areas when I'm not home.

I am super affectionate and loving 99.9% of the time, but if they break the few rules I have I let them know with immediate results. They are not afraid of me at all because I am very clear and very quick at indicating what is off limits.

My son turned out great too. I recognised the difference between a manipulative cry and a sincere cry when he was only a baby, and I have no problems with him now (he's now 10). He took an expensive R/C copter apart and couldn't get it back together recently and his only punishment was the humiliation he felt when the R/C guy commented about the screws that were stripped out to hell. He learned his lesson, and I needed to tell him that I did the same thing when I was a kid. He just doesn't stop asking questions and talking, and that's OK with me.

I'm assuming the temp went up because of the kids?

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by Snowboss4492

christ man that makes me wanna cry, ive shown a lot of non aquarists pics of your monster lions as examples of what can be done in this hobby...........so very sorry for the lose bud


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by puffedupseagull


I had a heater explode about a week or two ago, and lost over a THOUSAND BUCKS worth in minutes.

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by lionlord3502

no when i refered to my kids i ment my lions. thos fish were my children. and it wasent the fact of how much in money i lost i have been in this hobby (or rather crack adiction) for to long that i couldent tell you how much i have lost. it was the sentimentol fact thoselions were my kids i can say i loved them. when i got them thay were about 3 inches long just babys. and the beta was the same as my lions.

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by saltwaterpimp

That sucks sorry about the fish..And as far as the coral goes..You Suck.

When you going to start stocking your tank again ?

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by CedricAndCandy7566

Hey lionlord...gee that really sux hey...sorry to hear...

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by lionlord3502

as far as restacking i dont knoe i still have all my zoos and my 3 toud stules. but have no idea when or what im going to put in it.

2 days ago i said goodbye

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