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by ChristinaBug2890

Hey everyone! Quick question for ya.

Does Seachem Prime expire/go bad? This is the liquid chlorine/chloramine/ammonia remover I use in my tank. There is no date stamped on the bottle.

The reason i ask is; by the time i get down to about half a bottle, it starts to smell really bad. I wonder if it reacts with oxygen or something and somehow changes. I store the bottle closed and in a room temperature location away from heat and light.

Heres the stuff:

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by zambize

I use Prime. How long does it take for you to get down to half a bottle? I've noticed the smell before, too. I really don't think it goes bad. If it did, your fish would be dying from chlorine poisoning.


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by Cross6236

Christana I also use Prime. Lots of people here recommend using it. I looked on my bottle and there is no expire date either. I don't think it does expire. The directions state that the sulfer odor you smell is normal

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by adehaan86

Possibly shake the bottle, It could be many chemicals in there, And some are settling and some are going to the top AKA the smelly ones. Just a idea.

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by cedricandcandy

Hi there ChristinaBug.

I use prime sometimes just for the purpose of dechlorinating my purigen bags after I regenerate them in bleach. You're right - the stuff stinks! The first time I used it I almost thru the purigen bag away, thinking that it must be bad if it stinks so off. But in the end I put it back in my filter anyway and there was never any harm done to the tank.

So that probably doesnt help you much; I dont know whether it expires or goes bad. But all I can say is that I know the horrible smell your talking about and I've never had any harm done even when it stinks.

I believe you can ask seachem questions on their website..? Maybe ask them...

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by ChristinaBug2890

Ok so i'm not does stink. Thanks everyone for your input! It still seems to work dispite the bad smell so i guess i'll just deal with it.


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