Wow! It actually WORKED! LOL Used tank advice please :-)

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Wow! It actually WORKED! LOL Used tank advice please :-)

by dizzcat

So, a week before I was going to buy my babies a 55 gallon tank I lost my extra income. :-( Then I thought I had one for $50, stand and all but the woman flaked.

So, on a whim I posted this add on Craigslist:

I woke up this morning to a email saying you can have mine!! Its this guys son's and has been sitting empty. He tried to sell it for $75 but got no takers. He is giving me the tank, hood, and even his python hose! I have one but can always use the spare parts! I am going to use everything in the 30 for that tank. I already use 2 filters in there that are made for 60 gallon tanks. Just move everything from one tank to another, so there will be no need to cycle anything.

I don't know how dirty it is, so I soak it in white vinegar? I figured I would soak it and scrub it this week and then buy some more sand for it and set it up next weekend. I have a friend that is going to build me a stand this summer for free. He loves making stuff and this gives him a new project. So it will be sitting on the floor for awhile.

So, any advice on what to do with a used tank to make sure its water stable? I have always used brand new ones, except the 20 my son gave me, but I trusted him that it was fine.

I am so excited! I am moving the Planted Ram tank setup into the 30 after I get the Africans into the 55, moving the bigger fry to the 20 and going to use the 10 for the tiny fry.

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by jweb

Just fill the tank and make sure it holds water, then check all of the sides and top sealants. Also check the rims for cracks.

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by some1fishy

The tank will have condensation on the outside, so let it sit for a few days. After the tank warms, wipe it down. Then wait a day or two after and check for pools just in case it has a slow leak. If it does, you can reseal it pretty easy.

Wow! It actually WORKED! LOL Used tank advice please :-)

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