Help Anemone is acting up

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Help Anemone is acting up

by Deltasigpony3648

I bought a purple bubble anemone like a week ago with a porclin crab that lives in it lately he has been acting weird climing up on my power head trying to get sucked into it and now he is hiding behind a rock in my aquarium. he has gone down in size alittle and is loseing some color i have no clue what is up with him. i really need some help i spent a decent amount of money on him and i dont want him to die.

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by saltwaterpimp

your anemone might be trying to find the best light /food / water current .feed it .. if you can move it try to put him at the highest point on your rocks. sometimes they do wierd things . check your water.. one more thing buy a clown fish. anemone seem to do better with them.

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by tangerine

yup,do check yr lightings and flows.anemones are filter feeders too,so ensure u have sufficient flows to bring food to them.

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by stavy

yea anemones are tricky but enough air flow in their area and calcium can help it survive, check calcium levels and use friendly anemone feeders.

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by nanocubeking

Calcium needs to be normal for everything to be happy but unless it is super low it doesnt effect anemones much.

Help Anemone is acting up

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