local fish flavors

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local fish flavors

by kelbri

Maybe there is a topic out there already, but I am just wondering, what type of fish (fresh or salt) are in your area? Also, do you/would you think about keeping them in a tank? I have noticed that people usually don't keep native fish, they always want to go exotic.

Being from Saskatchewan, we have a lot of sport fishing, northern pike, walley and trout, but we also have perch, whitefish, suckers, and on. I can't really keep anything from the local lake/river, as most of them get too big, but perch would be the closest thing to tank size, and even then I wouldn't want to keep one in anything less than about 100g. I would love to grow some monster pike, but I would need something about the footprint of my house to do so. Dang, those things can get big.

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by Burgerking7679

I think the only 'tank friendly' fish in my area are minnows, lol. The rest of the fish are bass, and walleye. There are some sunfish a little further north but I really dont know how big they'd get.

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by vwfan79

There are all the same fish in my area.....bass, perch, walleye, sunfish, bluegills, catfish, pike and so on...... I have used a fishing net and caught some fish out of my lake and kept them in a tank for awhile.....they didn't seem to happy coming from a lake to an aquarium so they went back after a week or so....It was kinda cool to watch some fish from my lake in an aquarium though....would definitely need a pretty large tank to house them any period of time.

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by Snowboss4492

i live on the Hudson river..............so if i did a local environment tank...you wouldn't be able to see in it ..............lol

the hudson is nasty

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by Serial324556

yeah boss, youd have to add some tires and biohazard materials to the tank. Maybe even a body if you wanna make it look truly authentic.

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by Burgerking7679

you'd need to add human feces on a regular basis... just squatting over my tank thats all.

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by dawgtrain

LOL.....I live by lake erie imagine that....

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by gumbii

i get carp in my back yard... well... the river that runs thru my back yard...

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by LeviNHeidi4480

I agree Kelbri, I have also wanted to try perch in a tank before. I live in North Dakota, so we have the same fish species. I have caught Sunfish in Minnesota before, and they remind me of a Discus fish. They have some beautiful blue and orange coloring, and I believe the state record is around 2-3 lbs, so you would need a pretty good size tank.

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by fihsboy

Theres small reefs about 10-20 miles offshore here. I guess thats local. as far as ponds...pretty much everything. We have the St.Johns River. Which is the only river in the norther hemisphere that flows north. Its a freshwater river...but has salt too. Every once in a while you will see a dolphin or two....yes in the river. Considering Florida is the fishing capital of the world.........theres just about everything around here. You could probably make a pretty sick florida planted tank.

local fish flavors

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