Y swch to saltwater tank???

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Y swch to saltwater tank???

by supertank

hi guys,
i am new to this hobby and have had a a 33gal freshwater tank for a few months now, and have def got the bug.lol. thinking about my next tank already obviously that wud be a few months or years down the line. i am thinking of gettin another tank bigger than the one i have now and doing a nice big chiclid tank or a salty of reef tank.



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by fihsboy

its sweet. You think you have the bug now. Start keeping corals.

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by Snowboss4492

salt is the stuff the world is made of..................lol

theres nothing wrong with fresh water tanks, it's all a matter of preferance and money really...........i have found that in salt tanks pretty much everything is on average 4 times that of fresh water systems...............other than planted tanks of course....i have seen some insane planted tanks that look like a million dollars

to me the diversity, color, and shear challenge of salt water is what has drawn me into it...........................not to mention there are far more fresh tanks out there than salt, so to me it's a little more special and definately cool to show off to visiters that come over ...............................................

I want to stress there is absolutley nothing wrong with fresh water tanks, i just don't have them


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by lionlord3502

well all i can say is i have been in this hobby since i was about 7. i started with fresh but something cought my eye i was watching a movie and i saw a lionfish. i got my first saltwaterfish and lion when i was about 10 and have been on exotic agretion ever since. it is all prefrence and personol satisfaction. if you like to just watch fish stick with freshwater it is cheaper and nice to have requiring little maintnence. but if you want the shock facter and to always wonder everyday what you will see next go with saltwater. as most of us here that keep reefs know there is something new the will come out of a new piece of live rock or just start growing from nothing. but i cant stress enuf do not buy on impalse it well run you broke and look like shit if you dont take care of it. truse me i start cry every time i look at what my reef yoused to look at till i moved and started working 13 hour days. know i cant list how much money in corel is dead for naglect. good luck man and i hope you find the right tank wether it salt or fresh.

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by saltwaterpimp

i agree with all of the above..dont kill coral...the oceans are fucked, some day we the reefers will replinish the ocean, be responsable , whatch planet earth...lol its on.. know what you are getting into......

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by snowboss

agree.........................man those indonesian reefs are insane .......it's so crazy to see schools of fish that we strugle to keep one of in our tanks..............we are so small in the scheme of things aren't we?



Y swch to saltwater tank???

6 posts

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