Nassarious snails gone

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Nassarious snails gone

by Snowboss4492

I had about 15 Nassarious snails in my tank for about 5 months, they were very clean looking and would levitate out of the sand as soon as food hit the question is, do they have a short life span?? i don't see em anymore and i can see a few of their empty shells crabs never bothered them nor the clowns, but i have a serious amount of copepods now and i even stired up a bristle worm of some sort a week or so ago.............will they eat the snails???????? or do they only live a few months and then die off?????



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by jweb1369

Sounds like you have a mantis shrimp or something eating them. Are their shells chipped or cracked?

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by Snowboss4492

no mantis shrimp in there - - unless he's whodini - - but no the shells are perfect

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by saltwaterpimp

i have had mine for years with no problems.. other then my pepermint shrimp and blue leg hermits would kill them.. i dont know if bristle worms will eat them or not.

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by schigara

Snails are expendable. If the nutrients and algae get low enough, some of them will parish.

They are a tool, not pets like the fish and coral we keep.

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by gumbii

i love my nassarius snails... i make sure that they eat a shrimp pellet or a piece of silverside every other day...

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by lightsluvr

Got any large hermit crabs in there?

Hermit crabs love sushi...


Nassarious snails gone

7 posts

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