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Hey Guys

by freshreef

Whats up guys I am kind of new here and just added my tank. If you would please check it out and leave me a comment on what you think. Other suggestions etc. anything insightful.

Also, I am not an expert by any means, but I have been into the aquarium hobby for about 15 years. I have learned alot by trial and error. Most of the time I know what works when it comes to set ups and I have great attention to detail for visual perspective of aquariums. So if you guys want some insight or a question feel free to ask and I will be sure to do the same here. Have a great day and thanks for checking out my tank.

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by Zambize4899

Hi there....Welcome! (*Warning* I'm chatty when meeting new people.)

I'm a *real* newbie, about 6 months into the hobby. I'm still in freshwater with artificial plants. :) I just graduated from trying to keep Guppies alive to branching out to some real fish. (The Guppies died...) LOL I was drawn into the hobby after keeping Bettas for a few years. I read an article on a plane trip and found out that keeping Betta in small containers is a cruel thing to do. I have a long history with animal (cat/dog) rescue and rehab so the idea of having done this horrified me. I immediately (after I got off the plane...) got a very nice tank w/ setup for my Betta. In doing so, I had to go into the *real* fish section of the store...not just the Betta supplies on the end cap. I saw all these pretty fish! I wanted them, too! And so it began...

As penance for the terrible way my first few Bettas lived, I now keep at least 3 at a time (always rescued from PetsMart) in beautiful tanks with every amenity possible. :) Anyway, discovering all the other pretty fish, I saw the "sharks". I have an obsession with oceanic sharks, so the thought of getting any kind of "shark" for my *house* was all it took. I didn't get one right away because they require a more experienced person. However, I just got my first one....a beautiful Red-Tail Black Shark, named Valentino.

(Anyway, about you now...:)
You have a really diverse mix of beautiful fish. I don't know anything at all about saltwater or reefs, I just see some of the tanks on this site. To me they all look the same. Big, loooong, white sand, bare, with lots of rocks. LOL Yours does have a very sharp presentation...the kind of tank that causes a double-take. Even for a freshwater person. :) When I understand how salt works, and how challenging it really is, I'm sure I'll have a greater appreciation for it. The two other pics you have are great...the fish and the prehistoric looking thing. :) When I see your tank come up for rating I would probably give it a 7, but since I know you a little maybe an 8.... :) Anyway, anything above a 5 on this site is considered *great*. For some reason, low ratings are standard so if you want real opinions from knowledgeable, fair, fish people, you did the right thing by just asking in this forum.

[About me again...:)
I have a lowly 37 gallon freshwater tank but I always appreciate any comments. Constructive comments are best because I'm always wanting to improve my tank. I am very much like you about the detail for aesthetics. Many people on here are really just focused on the fish and either can't, or don't care to spend a lot of time on presentation. Sometimes I think they suffer in the ratings, but I don't usually rate them lower if 1) their fish are obviously well-taken care of, 2) I can still see lots of effort in the tank, and 3) they are obviously passionate and caring with their fish. Everyone here has a personal method for how they rate. Look through the forum, recently there was a thread about how different people rate. It was interesting. There is also a good thread, not very old, where we took some time just to get to know each other. It was something like "Getting to know everyone" or something. All of the regulars posted in it. It's a good place to start.

Now, since I've poured out this well-crafted, thoughtful, personal welcome....don't disappear! Keep coming back.


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by Zambize4899

Yikes, sorry! Your tank is freshwater! Clearly, I'm confused.



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by ChristinaBug2890

Hey freshreef. I love the look of your tank. I'v been thinking about changing the look of mine to appear more salt water-ish. I like how you did it bit it'll probably take me quite awhile to aquire all of the rock, etc. as i usually collect stuff in small bits at a time.

aaanyway, great looking tank :D

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by gumbii

wow... i wouldn't call a aquarist with 15 years experience a newb... lol... but kool... at least you are modest...

Hey Guys

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