quick tank cycle

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quick tank cycle

by singapore

i would really like to quickly set up and cycle my 55gal tank. if i dont plan on adding a large amout of liverock now, just sand, and water, and the baserock from my 10gal, how early could u put the fish from my 10 in there? i planned on putting a few gallons of the water from my 10 in there, just to get some bacteria in there. does anyone know any tricks for fast setup and cycling?

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by amadeo

buy live nitrifying bacteria " frityz zyme #9 " you can quick jump start your cycle and add it in your tank for 5 days with no skimmer only a filter of choice . after 2 weeks check your water for nitrite levels and ammonia.

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by snowboss

fill the 55 half full with fresh salt mix ,do like 25% water changes from the 10 every 3 days{i wouldn't risk any more than that though} and put the change water into the 55....................still your looking at a couple weeks............ but depending on the amount of fish in the 10 you could run it low and keep adding water to the 55 till its 3/4 full...........and then move a fish every couple days until the process is done..and then top off the 55 with the water left in the 10................Boss

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by Serial324556

Don't rush a cycle. Youll be sorry if you do. Patients is a virtue my friend.

quick tank cycle

4 posts

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