shrimp playin trickz

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shrimp playin trickz

by makavelithedon963941

i have this shrimp, i was wondering if anyone knew anything about them, not sure what its called but he eats aptasia, i though he was dead, he turned completley transparant like something sucked the life outta him, and he was upside down in the rock work. i decided to grab the body the next morning, but it was gone, and just today i seen him again looking good as new, any ideas on what might have happened?

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by saltwaterpimp

he molted..and they are peperment shrimp. its normal

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by snowboss

LOL....i don't have any shrimp....but i've read in the forum about people who have flushed em as they thought they were dead , only to find out that they were molting...good thing you left him alone eh? .....Boss

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by Serial324556

You were probably looking at the old exo-skeleton and i don't know about shrimp but crabs usually eat them after they molt.

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by Tmercier834747

Yeah my FW shrimp do the same stuff. One time I changed my water in my 5gal and my cherry red disappeared for over a week and a half after moulting. I finally spotted him one day sitting perfectly still and just figured him for dead. About 3 days later he was out and about again. I guess its just natural for them to hide out as they're most vulnerable in their 'new skin'.

shrimp playin trickz

5 posts

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