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by stingraysrule

Hey, I saw this video, check it out.... it is disgusting. ... re=related

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by Peterkarig3210

Yea. I think mine is bigger and mine is 16 inches.

I've never fed them mice. Mice are a little large for mine to comfortably swallow and I have 2 smaller gars that for sure couldn't swallow one.

I usually feed my gars freeze dried krill (shrimp), and occasionally I give them feeder goldfish because they love hunting and it brings out their natural instincts.

I recently raised about 100 tilapia from fry to about an inch long each and fed them to the gars. In about a day they were all gone.

These fish can subsist on non-live food, and krill is fortified with vitamins as well I think. If I only fed them goldfish I hear they would be missing a needed nutrient as goldfish don't provide all that the gars need.

I'm moving mine to NY where I intend on building a MUCH bigger tank. I'll have to price the glass, the cutting, renting of the furniture clamps and whatnot, but I was hoping to build something around 500 gallons as my 100 is OK with all the logs, plants, and hiding places, but They deserve to have a bigger tank.

Maybe they'll start growing again too as their wild size is between 3 and 4 feet long.

There are better Youtube videos of gars eating mice, chicks, goldfish, etc. This one was dark and ended prematurely

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by josmoloco

Not disgusting... the mouse was just too big....


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