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by rcgman35055364

For those of you who have your fishtanks in a common area of the house (living room etc) how do you your water changes without spilling and what not. I have my tank in my unfinished basements because i would ruin the floors during water changes and what not. How do you all do them???

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by dizzcat

All my tanks are in my livingroom. Being in an apartment, my kitchen is really close. I use a python water change system. No way I would use the bucket brigade again! Just make sure the valve is closed BEFORE you reverse the water direction or you will soak someone! My son happened to be in the way of the nose end when I reversed it and I had forgot to close the valve. I got him good!! LMAO

What I do is I have an old table cloth, the kind that is vinyl on one side. I put that on the floor in front of the tank, then put a towel over it. I always soak the towel, but with the vinyl under it it does not get to the carpet. Then when I am done I have wet towels hanging over every chair LOL. But at least my floor is dry. :-)

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by TigerTaylor8906

Mine are in the living room as well. 30 gallon and 10 gallon. I use a bucket, maybe its not too bad because they arent very big tanks. I do put a few towels down around the tanks. I also have the sink to tank hose but find it easier with the bucket. I could see larger tanks being a headache with a bucket though.

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by kelbri

Our 29g was in the living room. I would fill the 5g jug and place it next to the tank for a couple of days first. Then, I would use the 5 gallon pail, syphon into that, then pour the jug (the kind you would get with RO water from the store or delivered to your house) into the tank. No mess, and only 1 pail to haul to dump.

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by fihsboy

I use a pump. :) of course I cant use the python because i have salt. So i bought a little pump like a rio 1700 to pump water from the bucket into the tank. I use one five gallon bucket as the base to pump from and pour the others into that bucket while the pump pumps water to the tank. :) Its not too hard if you can figure out how to get your hose to stay in the tank. I use a close pin to hold it on the tank.

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by a1k8t31524

yeah just go get yourself a small power head i use a 600 or something and it works fine but i have a 55 gallon trash can that i have a heater and powerhead. i keep that in the closet. then come water change day i syphon out the water into a bucket then connect a tube to the end of the powerhead and fill her back up

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by Burgerking7679

I use a small python, draining into a bucket, then carry the bucket(only 3g!?!) to my bathroom(only 12 feet or so away). Its not too bad IMO, but it gets to be a pain using a 3G bucket on three tanks(75g, 28g, 10g).

Oh and I'm not too bad at floor soaking, unless I leave the python in and forget about it, I kinda deserve it when I'm a big enough dumbass to just walk away and leave it in though.

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by darkruby

My tanks are in my room and I use the bucket system... which wil turn into the Python system soon. I would use a plastic mat that people in yoga use or Drsfostersmith sells something that is just what your looking for.

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by zambize

I use a Python...wouldn't use anything else!

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by adehaan86

I just syphon it from my fish tank to my 5 gallon bucket when that's full I switch to my 2 gallon bucket while dumping the 5 gallon. Once enough water is drained. I use my RO 5 gallon jugs to fill it back up.


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