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Member introductions and random (non-aquarist) topics.

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by Snowboss4492

lol - - right now i syphon old water out into a bucket and a pump in a bucket of fresh salt mix to refill - - - - - -BUT -----------------------

there is a new tank room being build in the basement with a 55 gallon sump with drain valves to the sink and pump valves back to the sump - from all the other tanks as well {6 of them right now} so i have a fresh saltwater line running around the room with valves at each tank/sump and a line of straight RO with auto top off valves so depending on top off or water change i can fill any tank or sump at any time with the turn of a valve - - - - buckets will soon be a thing of the past for the snowboss..................hahahahahaaha !!!!!!!

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by crucisis

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by gumbii

seven months ago...

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by fihsboy

haha, nice. Ive switched my way since this post. I have an ehiem 1260 that I pump water from my garage to my tank. I dont have to move ANYTHING except the hose from the garage to my tank. The end of the hose has a nozzle made by me.......I just pump it about 25 feet into the living room, works great. To siphon it.....I used the same trashcan....measured out how much a water change would be........marked the glass on the back so I know where to drain to.....bam, done, no spilling......because theres no where to spill....water goes straight down the bathroom drain......new water goes straight into the tank. Cant beat the simplicity. :)

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by Peterkarig3210

I just make a huge mess most of the time. Last time my python, which was turned on full blast, poped out of the tank while I was in the bath room reversing the flow and water sprayed all over my computer and floor.

I'd say use a towel and be careful.

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by stormer0719

there are little floor mats with absorbant micro fiber stuff on the top and plastic on the bottom. I have one of those, as well i use the good ole bucket system. Its not to bad, though i have never tried one of those python things.

I do however have an ehiem gravle vac pro thing that I use aswell that supposedly keeps the need for water changes down.....I have alot of fish in my 55 so i still change the water twice a week. The vac keeps the gravel nice and clean, its fully submersable, batterie opperated, and no hoses or buckets means little to no spilling.

2, four gallon buckets for syphoning and one 5 gallon bucket for filling. can empty one 4 gal as the other is being filled. it can get messy but its not so bad. I have one 60gal upstairs and one downstairs both in livingroom type areas.

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by mro2you2

I do the buckets but when I spill i dont care because ill dry in a hour or so.
hey I go down the stairs with a 6 gallon bucket full of water. :d

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by Cross6236

python systems are the way to go. well worth the money, once you get one you'll never want to go back to lugging buckets again.


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