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#1 Reef Tanks

16 Nuvo
Photo Caption: 16 Nuvo
Username: jimmylou5388
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#1 Planted Tanks

Planted tanks on goldfish tank Anything is possible
Photo Caption: Planted tanks on goldfish tank. Anything is possible.
Username: finsoft03
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#1 Saltwater Fish Tanks

8000g fish only
Photo Caption: 8000g fish only
Username: vincepits
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#1 Freshwater Tanks

105lbs Dragon Stone60g Marineland Heartland Setup2 x Fluval 306 Canister Filters1 Aquaclear 70 Powerhead  Quick Filter attachment1 500gph Fan200 Watt HeaterFlourescent Lighting  Custom LED Strip Lighting with Remote Stock Mixed2 Red Zebra Mama  Papa2 Kenyi Kenny  Wesley Stripes1 Aratus Dexter1 OB Peacock OBI WON1 Sunshine Peacock Dora the Explora1 AssortedHybrid Peacock Rick James1 Venustus GI Jane1 Ice Blue Zebra Stanley1 Electric Yellow Lab Pepe2 Bumble Bee Tweedle Dee  Tweedle Dumb1 Jewel Lone Ranger1 Plecco Plectomus Prime 11 Red Zebra Fry
Photo Caption: 105lbs Dragon Stone 60g Marineland Heartland Setup 2 x Fluval 306 Canister Filters 1 Aquaclear 70 Powerhead + Quick Filter attachment 1 500gph Fan 200 Watt Heater Flourescent Lighting + Custom LED Strip Lighting with Remote =) Stock (Mixed) 2 Red Zebra (Mama & Papa) 2 Kenyi (Kenny & Wesley Stripes) 1 Aratus (Dexter) 1 OB Peacock (OBI WON) 1 Sunshine Peacock (Dora the Explora) 1 Assorted/Hybrid Peacock (Rick James) 1 Venustus (GI Jane) 1 Ice Blue Zebra (Stanley) 1 Electric Yellow Lab (Pepe) 2 Bumble Bee (Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dumb) 1 Jewel (Lone Ranger) 1 Plecco (Plectomus Prime) & 11 Red Zebra Fry
Username: RyDudeski
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#1 Saltwater Fish

Mandarinfish or Mandarin Dragonet Synchiropus splendidus
Photo Caption: Mandarinfish or Mandarin Dragonet (Synchiropus splendidus)
Username: jksmith69
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#1 Freshwater Fish

snowball pleco
Photo Caption: snowball pleco
Username: EandCfishies
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#1 Corals & Inverts

Finger leather
Photo Caption: Finger leather
Username: bosredsox1992
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