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Trending: Adding LED Moonlights to the Aquarium
Trending: Adding LED Moonlights to the Aquarium
Published October 27, 2014
With advances in aquarium lighting technology, you now have the option to add specialized nighttime lighting to your aquarium. LED moonlights are perfect for nocturnal species of fish or simply to enhance the nighttime appearance of your tank.

Top Freshwater Aquarium Bullies Top Freshwater Aquarium Bullies
Some species of freshwater fish are simply more aggressive than others. These freshwater "bullies" can be challenging to keep in a community tank but, if you learn the basics about them and their temperament it can be done.

Trending: Jellyfish in the Home Aquarium Trending: Jellyfish in the Home Aquarium
You have probably seen your fair share of jellyfish in zoo aquariums, but did you know that it is possible to keep these creatures as pets? In this article you will learn the basics about keeping jellyfish as pets in your very own home.

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