How can I get people to notice my fish tank? Please help.

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How can I get people to notice my fish tank? Please help.

by Vladdy6018

I've had my fish tank on here for about a week and nobody rated my picture or left any comments. Here's my profile:

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by Zambize4899

I don't know why there are no votes, that sometimes happens. They should come along. I can provide some feedback though. It sounds like you're on a limited budget so what I'm suggesting can't be done at once and it's all my personal opinion.

For increased visual appeal, cover up that filter with plants. You can use tall plants in the back (up to the top of the tank or close), medium sized ones in front of or around those, and your shorter ones up front. It's nice if some of the plants have some subtle, natural color.

Consider artificial plants as they may be cheaper, more readily accessible and will enhance your tank while you can take time to be selective about your live plants. Artificial plants made of fabric or silk can look very nice and look quite realistic.

Avoid making the decor symmetrical, meaning identical from side to side. For example, if you have two nice identical plants, don't put one on the left and one on the right, that's not natural. In nature, like plants tend to cluster together so these two plants would look more natural and lush put together.

I could jabber on about this for pages, but maybe this will help for now. Also, I believe there is an article on this site about decorating tanks.

Good stuff, keep it up.


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by Tmercier834747

For a quick fix and one that may continue to be visually appealing even after you have background plants, is an actual background. Black or dark blue are great for this. I noticed on your profile you mentioned wanting to keep the theme 'natural'. :)
I'd be glad to give you some advice on live plants to further enhance your look and attention getting, but I need to know just a few things... 50L is about um...15 gallons? and what wattage do you have for lights?
Your english classes have paid off well, by the way. You write it well. :)

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by martinutz

The same thing happened to me about the votes just re-submit the picture make sure you choose the right category

How can I get people to notice my fish tank? Please help.

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