10 gal to 55 gal

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10 gal to 55 gal

by singapore

i want to get my 55gal saltwater tank up and running before summer time, but id like some advice for doing so.

firstly. the 55 gal tank currently holds a few cichlids, a plecostomus, and a crayfish. is it possible to maybe keep them in a large tupperware container, like the one used for storing clothes in bulk, for a few weeks? just like, put some gravel in there, a few rocks, heater, and light? then put them in the ten gal once i get my 55 cycled and the saltwater inhabitants from my 10 switched into it?

second. i know that my cichlid tank hasnt ever been exposed to any copper, is it possible to leave all that water in there, take out all the gravel and rocks and plants, change the filtter media, and just add salt to it then?

third. i have crushed coral as my substrate in my 10 gal. should i put more of that into my 55, or should i go with aragonite sand? also, have an undergravel filter running in my 55 now for my cichlids, keep it running for my saltwater or not?

fourth. i have 4 snails, maybe a brittle star (i havent seen him in a while and i think my damsel mighta finished him off :( ) and one hermit ni my 10 rite now, how much more do u think i need as a cleanup crew for the 55?

fifth. i havent been using a pretien skimmer. should i invest in one for my 55? if so, i really need it to be cheap. any suggewstions?

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by Snowboss4492

definatley get a protien skimmer ....best one your budget will allow..............as far as substrate.......i started my tank with crushed coral and it was a major headache as far as keeping clean.......very porous and allows massive amounts of crap to settle in it and then you get amonia and nitrate issues ...........when my tank crashed i dumped everything and started fresh with arag-live....20 lbs black and 20 lbs white.....i just added 22 lbs of live rock as well....so in a 20 gallon long i have 40 lbs live sand and about 28 lbs of live rock...................so start collecting bud........55 gallons is a pretty decent size tank.........

If you can afford a walmart special -----29 gallon complete set ups run in the 60 dollar range....id set it up fresh water and move your babies into it then start cycleing the 55 as salt...............keep the 10 around for a quarentine or salt mix tank .........tanks are relatively cheap and always good to have a small back up tank laying around...................

10 gal to 55 gal

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