African Chiclids

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African Chiclids

by Mike0372983

I just bought a new tank and put community fish in it. But i want to try something new, and I was thiking about buying african chiclids.... any info about them would be helpful.

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by darkruby

Well, I hope you know that first off there water requires special care. They are territorial in most cases, few exceptions. There most natural habitat is complete rock with sand or a mix of pebbles and sand. They are omnivores. They need a diet that is equal both in greens and meat, so to speak. They should only be mixed with there own type like Mbuna with Mbuna ect...The type of light fixture you get should have a bulb that will bring out their colors.
Thats bout all I know.

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by gumbii

this thread will help you out a bit...

you could also search around for other cichlid threads...

African Chiclids

3 posts

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