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Green Stuff

by vonrampe

I have a bad case of green algee or a bacteria in my tank. I got a couple of algee eaters to see if they could help but they don't mess with this stuff and it is spreading rapidly. how do I get rid of this stuff? I know I cad scrub it off most stuff but I have many live plants that are also now getting covered and I don;t know what to do about these.If anybody can help with this problem I would be greatful.Also The Philadelphia Flyers kick but and are going to win the Stanly Cup! Thanks, Chris

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by milky648

how long u leave the light on for? maby cut the light back a littel

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by spongebob4460

if its a bluish green slimy looking algae, then this will be sort of difficult to rid.... and is actually a bacteria. Post pics or link us to pics you think it resembles.

Lighting and water quality are the two causes of algae usually. And if you have live plants, i'm guessing water quality. Give us some details on what u have done different and what your routine is in terms of lighting, how long u have it on, your water test results, etc.

Green Stuff

3 posts

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