Fresh water puffer info needed, any advice is welcome.

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Fresh water puffer info needed, any advice is welcome.

by darkruby

To anyone who has any info on fresh water puffers is welcome to say whatever they know here. This is a post to help me as well as anyone else who may be interested in puffers. What I would like to know is if any fresh water puffers are compatible with any other puffer and if this is permenent. I am going twords the figure eight of the dwarf puffer.
Any other info is greatly appreciated.


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by Poetic_Irony2267

First 99% of puffers are brackish and salt water puffers, of the dwarf species the majority of them are brackish water puffers, the only one that i know of that is 100% fresh water is the "pea puffer" they only get about the size of two or three peas put together, they are a semi aggressive to aggressive species, and they can be compatible with other community fish as long as the other community fish are larger than they are, they need a diet consisting of mostly protein based foods, and snails. they absolutely love snails, and will leave a grave yard or rather a path of empty shells in their wake. i have several in my 125 gal planted tank. they keep the hitchhikers from taking over when i put new plants in the tank. cory cats and larger tetras are a good match, do not put them with cichlids or anything that will get big enough and aggressive enough to make a snack of them. also from what i have read, the figure 8 puffers are brackish fish and need that sort of set up in order to survive and maintain a happy existence.
i hope this helps

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by rsbadger15

i have two pea puffers in my tank, im in love with them, theyre the best fish ive ever had :)
100% fresh water, so far they get on fine with my 3 clown loach & 1 plec, but they are nipping at my black moore which i am soon giving to my girlfriend anyway, ive had him since before i set up tropical and just didnt want to get rid of him but hes not really suppose to be in my tropcal tank lol.
anyway, i had figure 8 puffers years ago...i didnt like them and they were hard work!
the pea puffers are much better :)

Fresh water puffer info needed, any advice is welcome.

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