morning mourning

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morning mourning

by singapore

i got up at 430 this morning to take some heartburn medicine, and just for the heck of it, i looked in my tank to see my stars skirting around in the nighttime lights. i saw no stars, and no fish... i turned on the real lights and saw that my huge condy anemone had gotten sucked into my canister filter. and all my fish were on the bottom of tha tank not moving, along with my coral shrimp... i quickly made up some new water, mixed about 50% old water, and 50% new water in a big rubbermaind container and put all my fish and stuff in there...slowly, some of them started to show signs of life. my clown, blue damsel, engineer goby, and brittle star all made it, but domino damsel and my algae blennie, my coral shrimp, and of course the anemone didnt make it... $45 dollars down the drain in dead fish. this morning i made a trip to petco and got new filter media, test strips, water conditioners and some other stuff the guy reccomended. another $47. has been, for lack of a better word, a shitty morning...

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by schigara

Man, that sucks. Sorry for the losses.

You should run carbon for about 24-48 hours also.

My Bubbletip died due to the 2 Maroons clowns being way too rough with it and clouded my tank. Luckily there were no other losses at the time.

Since then, I steer clear of anemones. Things can and will die but I don't want something in my tank that can potentially wipe out the tank if it does die.

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by Snowboss4492

Sorry Singapore words of eye opening reteric to make you feel better .....Just ..... I am Sorry ................recover well my friend


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by makavelithedon963941

this happened to me with a bubble tip anemone and my powerhead, none of my fish were harmed tho. when i woke up and looked over at my tank, i could see each beam of light from my led's through the water, so i knew it was cloudy as hell, and sure enough there was chunks of him all over the tank. try using pre-filter sponge where it intakes water. sorry for the loss

morning mourning

4 posts

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