I think I just wet myself.............

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I think I just wet myself.............

by snowboss

I have been laughing for most of this day !!! this morning I got the bright idea to give "Sabastian" my anemone hermit crab {who is the size of a small orange} a piece of frozen krill...........whenever food hits the water he smalls it and comes running......but not thinking about the fact that frozen krill floats untill it thaws...it just floated around the top of the tank in the current......and that silly crab was running his ass of trying to catch it, first he'd run from one end of the tank to the other and try to climb up the glass till he'd fall over backwards....then after about 10 minutes of that he figured out how to climb up on the live rock and he'd strech out and reach until he fell off the rock and he'd start all over again....he's got a pretty well beaten path around the tank and through a tunnel i built for him in the live rock .....round and round and round he went....looking like a crack head chaseing a 4 lb rock LMAO!!!!! finally the krill thawed enough to float down and he snatched it up and sat there as if he was looking at me saying "oh yeah whose laughing now prick!!!" and off he went to his secret hiding place for a VERY well earned meal......I think it's the hardest I've laughed in a long time......kinda made the duldrum of the day go away pretty quick....Snowboss

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by tangerine

did u get a video of it?

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by Snowboss4492

no sorry i was laughing to hard......didn't even think about getting a video...dam

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by saltwaterpimp

we could all use a good laugh i havent pissed myself in a long time...lol.. how is the tank doing boss?

I think I just wet myself.............

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