crack in tank

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crack in tank

by mestrongbeast

I recently upgraded to a 55 gal tank that I picked up used. After filling I noticed a small hairline in the front glass. Doesn't seem to be traveling . Should I be overly concerned with this? Is there something I can do to stop it from traveling. I don't have any expensive fish but it would still suck to have this break especialy if one of the kids were to be in front of if it were to go. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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by bichiraddict855

Would empty the tank get at least a 6" piece of glass and silicone the glass over the crack and should be fine.

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Re: crack in tank

by Peterkarig3210

Like the other guy said, take a 6 inch square peice of glass, silicone the entire surface, and glue together. Maybe find out how people keep car windshields from spreading too. Clean the surfaces with soap n water, rinse well, dry. Cracks are not good, so do it right.

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by starbetta

You're not the only one. I visited a couple mom & pop's stores that had a few tank's with small crack's in them.

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by evelynmarch26

clean it very well just with hot water NO SOAP, any soap in your water left will kill your fish, other then that i agree witht he others


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by Sig2293794

This may sound REALLY dumb but are you sure it's actually cracked? Get a razor blade and hit it once. Make sure it's not just some silicone. I had purchased a brand new bow front that upon getting home I was convinced it was cracked. I even took it back to the store. It took 3 of us running our finger nails over it saying yup it's cracked, until somebody crabbed a razor and picked the crap off the tank. The black silicone sealant is especially convincing.


crack in tank

6 posts

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