hey guys..im stuck..need some help.

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hey guys..im stuck..need some help.

by eazy4647

im stuck guys...i own a 30g long....and i currently have 2 fishes in there. a maroon clown and a coral beauty...but most the fishes id like to keep requiere bigger aquariums..so wat do i do? :( any one willing to help..any small fishes im possibly over looking? :(

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by singapore

goby's are fun... theyre small, colorful, and active. i have 2 in my 10 gal and they are funny to watch jump around the tank. i have a citron and an engineer goby

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by Snowboss4492

I have an anemone hermit crab in my 20 long .....he's a real charector.....one little pelet of food hits the water and he comes running.....he's pretty fair sized.and has 2 anemones on his shell that he takes care of .....

.shrimp, crabs, feather dusters.........if your water is really good ...might even entertain an anemone too - urchins are cool, or even a star.......not all of these things are compatable.....just suggesting some things for a nano environment....lol


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by Snowboss4492

just posted some new pics....the one of the hermit got approved right away... ut theres 3-4 more coming when they get approved ....but that will show you an anemone hermit crab

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by Deltasigpony3648

Cromis, pseudocromis, gobys, wrass... i have all them i personally love my firefin and my 6 line wrass they are always very active

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by schigara

I have a Hi-Fin Goby with a Randals Pistol shrimp and they are very cool. They paired up immediately and live under "their" rock. The goby guards his shrimp with his life and will take food back to him. The shrimp pays the rent by keeping the house clean. When the hole get covered over by sand, the shrimp quickly opens the hole back up.

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http://www.saltwaterfish.com/site_11_03 ... arent_id=4

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by somalia123

fire fish are cool

hey guys..im stuck..need some help.

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