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by Peterkarig3210

My large tilapia was getting beat up by that same smaller male so I took him out and stuck him with another bigger male. Hahahaha. They're not fighting though so good.

The female was holding fry for weeks and as soon as I removed the male she let them out. This is in my gar tank and she's been keeping them safe for the last 24 hours. It's cool to see her heard her flock around and in her "holes" and chase other fish away.

I would save some but I already have a bunch of baby tilapia that are over an inch long each and I have nowhere to put them, so I'll just watch and see how long they last. The gars don't seem to see them they're so small right now. There's some fry all over the tank in little schools. Pretty cool.

Sorry I hijacked the thread! Back to R/O, cichlids, Real Plants and Gravel?

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by Poetic_Irony2267

lol no it's nothing to be sorry about, i loved the fish just wanted something a little calmer and more tranquil, as far as the species, she has a mixed bag, labs, compricepts, a few sevrum, and a frontosa. a few more misc. cichlids. it happens. haven't been over in a little bit so not sure if she has made any new purchases or not, she was looking at a rather nice dempsey i advised her not to put it her tank however she may have reminds me i need to call her. if she got it i think it will be ok as long as she can keep it fed enough.


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