bubble algae or not????and what is this red stuff???

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bubble algae or not????and what is this red stuff???

by samik

so i have noticed tiny bubbles clinging to some of my lr. some of the bubbles actually have algae growing over them. should i brush them off or well my emerald crabs eventually take care of it??? i also found on one of my rocks little red bubbles but when i tried to brush them off they opened down the middle and would not come off, i tried washing off with fresh water but they held strong what is it and what should i do???samik

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by snowboss

sounds like cyano algae...it's a phase, nasty crap.....I blew mine off with a turkey baster every night or so, until it goes through it's course.........finding a crab or fish to eat it is a hard thing to do....then after the algae goes away ...what do you do ? lol it's just a phase....brown crap is next, lol

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by makavelithedon963941

lol, yes the bubbles had me worried too, but its nothing, i used to clean mine also but they grew so fast i said screw it. i just left it alone and eventually it went away, but then as boss said, the brown stuff is after that, and trust me, when ur getting the brown ur gonna be wishing u had the bubbles back

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by Snowboss4492

amen to that.........lol

that brown stuff will make you mad enough to kick the pope in the face

bubble algae or not????and what is this red stuff???

4 posts

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