Bleach for cleaning?

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Bleach for cleaning?

by angus4481

i know some people use bleach to clean equipment, but WHY? when bleach is used to clean equipment, you take a big risk. bleach has been known to kill fish, algea, and even mutate bacteria. if you use bleach, do you use anything to kill the bleach? iv heard limeaway kills bleach, but thats anouther chemical to kill ur fish with.

ever since iv started operating a tank, iv used water and a chemical free scrubbing pad, and it works great.

i bring this up because i was at the petstore and saw a guy come in saying he couldnt find a reason to why all his fish died. he brang in some water to be tested, and the water perameters where normal. the ls guy asked how the customer cleaned his tank, the customer said he uses bleach. after hearing that the ls guy said if bleach was to be used on a tank, there would be a test kit for it. the customer walked off all pissey, and left.

i found the remark from the ls guy pretty funny. lol

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by Snowboss4492

lol ...."WHAT ARE YOUR BLEACH LEVELS AT" is question I never want to have to answer..........i haven't been doing this long but bleach just seems to be an obvious "no-no" I mean crap, i have sent my protien skimmer bouncing off the walls just by sticking my hands in the tank, even after washing them good.......

I use windex sprayed on the papertowel on the outside of the glass and only with the top on ...other than that it's water {usually water change water if anything} and elbow grease with a soft bottle brush and one of those blue tank scrubby sponges....

lol ask pimp what happens when soap gets into a salt tank.......hehehehe

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by saltwaterpimp

lmao, arent we funny...its not worth it to use bleach or soap trust me....

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by Snowboss4492

aaawwww come on man's seldom something like that happens and doesn't cause damage it can be funny as hell........LMAO

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by Peterkarig3210

As long as you thoroughly rinse I see no problem with it. I would only use it to kill brush algae or some other plague. I've used it, rinsed well, and never had a problem. You just have to know how to rinse well, really well, because it sticks to surfaces and takes a lot of rinsing to completely remove.

Rinse rinse rinse in hot water till there is no sliminess left, and then rinse some more. I only used it to kill brush algae that gets all over filter intakes and rocks. It works very well.

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by Tmercier834747

I'd say the only way to go about making damn sure you get rid of all of it beyond even what pete does is by boiling the treated subjects in pure water. 'Course then on porous objects like wood, it gives the bleach an opportunity to sink in...even after rinsing after boiling well. I guess I'd only resort to it under the worst of cirumstances. O.o
All I know is I have enough trouble with unhappy fish without using any chemicals. lol
But it obviously works for some people, Pete included :)

Bleach for cleaning?

6 posts

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