DIY tank set up Q's

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by Tmercier834747

Good decision on the overpriced melted sand. :)
I will continue living vicariously through you, and your wallet in regard to your fish. lol

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by Snowboss4492

BBQ at Boss's house . . .we're gonna stack 500 lbs of liverock and 300 lbs of sand........LOL


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by makavelithedon963941

i never had a problem with acrylic getting "grey" if cared for properly, check this link to my LFS that builds them you can see his acrylic tanks there. i would use it because i enjoy working with it, i know how to care for it and i live right near great lakes plastics

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by amadeo

IMO acrylic sucks . it scratches . i dont know about greying but bet your socks they scratch so easily . and one thing to mess me up is to see a small scratch on my tank . no matter how small it is, no matter what i hide it with , i will still know its there and it drives me insane. i had it once on my previous glass tank and i was soooo pissed . i even have it on my profile " glass is better that acrylic " anything to lessen the scratches . I HATE SCRATCHES .

other than that those are good dimensions . 8 foot long, 30 inch tall and 30 inch . lots of gass exchange . your smart. GET GLASS :) german glass with green tint is the best .

DIY tank set up Q's

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