bad timing!!

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bad timing!!

by edathome19824077

i am due to install my new undergravel jets tomorrow, thing is my A.cacatuoides, i have just noticed are swimming around with maybe 80 fry. can i remove them from a community tank safely? if so what would be the best way to do it! they are about 1.5mm long at the moment. i really need to get the jets in though as the tank is getting quiet crappy and is planted! and i don't want to have to keep uprooting the plants!

also on a totally different subject, i have ordered some pearl grass (Hemianthus micranthemoides) to carpet my tank and hopefully grow out so i can carpet my other tanks too. has anyone else used this and could they let me know what they think of it?

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by Poetic_Irony2267

you should be able to move them to a smaller nursery tank, with some plants in it, just make sure the filter is not too strong as it will suck up the fry, get some brine shrimp to feed em and you should be fine. i am about to buy a square of perl grass and see how it does.
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by Serial324556

Yes, def. be sure to not have a powerful filter in your nursery tank. Oddly I found a baby cichlid living in my filter a couple months ago. He was one of the last ones that lived which he had just been feeding on stuff in the filter media. But then when I put him back in the tank he was gone the next day. It's very possible my toadfish ate him.

bad timing!!

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