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by mlsslm

I have never had any cichlids. Can anyone give me advice on what kind and what other fish would be compatible with them?

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Re: cihlids

by Poetic_Irony2267

cichlids are compatible with cichlids, generally they are very aggressive fish, and will eat most other docile fish that you would have in any other tank. not only that you will want to read up as much as possible, i personally have several species from africa and south america in the same tank the general rule is to not mix these two continents, especially if you are just starting out take your time and watch the fish. you may want to think about buying a book or two before getting started. they are not too hard to keep, just make sure you have plenty of places for them to go, too set up territories. if you would like send me a private message with more detailed questions and concerns and i will answer as best as i can. if it's something i don't know i will point you to where you can find the information.

hope this helps.

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by Benson2611

well depends from where you want cichlids from!
if you want south american cichlids, then you should just stick with them.
if you want african cichlids you should stick with only them.

african cichlids have a way higher PH and some of them are even more aggressive then south american cichlids.
if you want to keep africans from lake tangayikan, you might want to stick with only them from that certain lake.
since theat PH ist between 9.0 to 9.6

then there are african from lake malawi which the PH is from 8.2 to 8.6.
then there is lake victoria, which ist a very tiny lake and fish are hard to get from there right now anyways.

but most of all you need to decide what kind of cichlids you want to keep.
if you want to keep south american or africans. then you also need to go into details.
if you like to keep mbunas, which is the most aggressive out of all african cichlid families just stick with them.
if you want to keep peacocks or haps they are way more docile.

most of the tanganyikan cichlids are pretty docile.

so read up on them and make a choice.

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by sujesharukil

I dont agree with most what is said here..

Here is a primer. There are two regions for Cichlids. African Cichlids and South American Cichlids (There are some more cichlids from central america too, but they are generally placed in south american cichlids).

I do not have much idea about south american cichlids, and I love African Cichlids. I have a 75 gallon tank of African cichlids. There are two major lakes where these come from (all though most of them in pet stores are farm bred and not wild caught). The lakes are Tanganyika and Malawi. There are 1000s of species and sub species to choose from, most of them are rare and wont be available in pet stores.

If you want to keep African cichlids, you can mix both Tanganyika and Malawi, the main problem comes in getting a balanced Ph but a ph of 8.0 will do good for both, though some of them will not spawn or mate at that ph.

Well I can go on and on about them, here is a nice site you can read about them and mind you, these guys are the closest to sea water fishes in color.


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by Benson2611

well i dont agree to mix malawis with tangs.

if you want to keep mbunas, stick with ONLY mbunas, they are very aggressive.
you might get away with peacock or haps. but then there are also haps that are aggressive.

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Re: cihlids

by yahboycash

Well I don't know much about african cichlids but I can tell you something about New World cichlids (South and Central American). First of all the size of your tank is important!!!! New world cichlids range any where from 3 inches to 30 inches and can quickly out grow a small tank. Next there are different aggression levels you must look at some are moderate and some are highly aggressive. Each cichlid has it own characteristics that must be researched some are better off with just one, some with two, and others in numbers greater than 4. Oscars are probably the worlds all time favorite cichlid there aggressive colorful and grow fast. But sometimes mixing oscars with other new worlders isn't a good idea. Such fish as the wolf ( 30 inches), Jaguars (15 inches) and red devils (15 inches) can become destructive to the weaker mouth oscar so the best thing to do is research, research, and research. I could go on and on about new worlders such as feeding, hiding places, territories, and mating .............................................................but i won't hope this was helpfull. Contact me if you decided to get a real cichlid and not a sissy africans


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