"Centerpiece" fish for 55 gallon

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by Poetic_Irony2267

i am not one to down any type of aquatic animal of any sort however, the african frogs whether they are labelled dwarf or not will get larger and they will i repeat will attempt to eat your fish if they have the chance, i have seen the frogs in many diff setups the only one that i saw that made sense was a tank that hade a school of large angels, the only reason the angels were the only fish left was beacuse the frogs ate all of the neons other than that they looked great.
good luck .

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by Peterkarig3210

My personal gripe about frogs and turtles is that I think you should have a way for them to climb out of the water if they want to. For frogs I'd use at least a stick that protruded from the surface, and I'd cover the tank with an escape proof glass or screen.

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by Poetic_irony3872

Peter i agree with you one hundred percent about that, too many times have i seen tanks full the brim with water and a set or two of red eared sliders with no place to climb out and "sun" themselves, for the frogs though i have seen something awhile back that i am not sure who makes it, or where even you would buy it, but i saw a setup with a floating brick in it, it was flat and long kind of like a pumace stone, that just floated around the top of the tank and was a great location for frog to climb out onto and bathe in the light. this may be something worth looking into if one seriously intends to keep frogs, even 100% aquatic frogs need to come out of the water once in awhile, another thing i have seen this similar situation with is fidler crabs they need some place to come out of the water or eventualy they will drown. anyone setting up a basic brackish tank should know this, however many times i have seen people return to my local pet store and wonder why their pearl, emerald, or turquoise fiddler has died. it's a shame that lack of knowledge and laziness of research leads to the death of so many aquatic species, not to take this thread a diff direction but research is key, be knowledgeable and you will have healthy, happy, family members.

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by josmoloco

for a center piece fish you should go with a severum or a femalefiremouth

"Centerpiece" fish for 55 gallon

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