new tank - FILTRATION?

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new tank - FILTRATION?

by cjm9822

Starting up a new salt water tank-75 gallon. Wondering about filtration to use. Currently, I am stuck on whether to choose a sump with wet/dry filtration below the tank with protein skimmer or to just use 2 emperor 400's with a protein skimmer.....

Your thoughts?

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Re: new tank - FILTRATION?

by dick_headers


I can tell that you've done some research before:-) Both of your idea is great. Or you can even combine the two. A wet/dry and an Emperor 400 or 280. My 75 gallon tank has a Pro aquatics wet/dry system with built in skimmer, an Emperor 400, 2 Seio 620 powerheads, and a Rainbow Lifegard UV sterilizer. You might have doubts about built in skimmers in your mind. Mine works just great! It does the same job what my RemoraC did before i upgrated for a wet/dry. Or you can buy a wet/dry without skimmer, an Emperor 280 with a good quality skimmer hanging on the back. No matter which one you'll choose, YOU ARE ON THE TRACK.

Best regards and good luck,


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Tank Setup recomendations

by Luckygoldfish

I would strongly recommend LIVE ROCK as your main bilogical filter.
The others you described would be good for mechanical filtration.

Basically setting up a tank with live rock is setting up you own mini eco system.
You dont need to add coral, or have lots of inverts to have live rock system. its commonly called a FOWLR (Fish Only With Live Rock)

Good Luck on that.

new tank - FILTRATION?

3 posts

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