Porcupine puffer

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Porcupine puffer

by Scooter64955

I have a 75 gallon tank and I was wondering if i would be able to put a porcupine puffer in my tank. The fish in the tank are a hippo tang a yellow tang a naso tang a bi color angel and 2 maroon clowns. I have a few muchroom corals and star polyps.

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by lionlord3502

as long as there are no inverts i dont see y not.

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by makavelithedon963941

NO!, puffers are not reef safe, they will eat all of your plants, my buddy put a pocupine puffer in his 55 gallon and it ate everything in his tank (except fish)withing 48 hours

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by schigara

I just talked with a guy at my LFS the other day that put a Porc Puffer in his 90 and the Puffer ate his Ocellaris Clowns. lol Then he bought 2 more pairs of clowns which were all eaten as well until he realized had had to get rid of the Puffer.

Porcupine puffer

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