New 90 Gallon salt tank

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New 90 Gallon salt tank

by Jranallo

Brand new to salt water, I have a 90 gallon im just about done setting up with live rock and no coral. I really like puffers, although I heard a 90 may not be large enough. Anyone have some input on this? The anticipation is killing me, I spared no expense on this tank already over 3 grand, I wanna do this right. Also I was told I could probably have two show fish, four med sized fish and a few small ones. Does this sound appropriate for this size tank?

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Re: New 90 Gallon salt tank

by dick_headers


A 90 gallon tank is a very good size to start with. Any kind of puffer would be pleased with that size. They're like to rest a lot, not a huge swimmers like tangs. I've had a porcupine for 2.5 years in my 55 gallon tank, and he was about 8" when he died. He might died in happiness, I don't know:-) Anyways.. I wouldn't worry about to put any puffer in a 90 gallon set up. In my opinion you can have as many fish as you want, in case you have enough water movement and/or circulation. ( powerheads, filters etc..) Plus you have to be very serious about maintance. For example. You have 2 tangs a puffer and 2 clowns in a 90 gallon. With one good filter system ( designed for 90 G) a protein skimmer, and a 15-20 % water change every 2 weeks you're good to go. Now you have 2 tangs, 2 angels, 1 puffer, 3 clowns, a lawnmower blennie, and a goby.(or maybe even more) It's quite few, but not worry. You can set up an extra filter, and power heads inside your tank, and i'd recommend a 10-15 % water change every week. More fish. more waste it is a fact. If you have only fishes and live rocks in your system try not go over 40-50ppm of nitrate level. If you go over it, it will be very hard to reduce the level. Been there done that. Hope my answer was helpful for you.


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by amkelly

jranallo: how long has your tank been set up? this is the most important part of the development of your tank and if you want to do it right then TAKE YOUR TIME.

taking your time is the most important thing in this hobby because when you rush you kill things, its the truth. no matter how much money you spend. DO NOT RUSH. let the tank develop and let it sit with only the live rock and live sand with powerheads and filters on for atleast a month. if not you are going to have problems. trust me, dont take this lightly.

good news for you, yes puffers are nice and you can keep one in a 90 gallon tank. be careful as they will eat inverts like snails and shrimp. i wouldnt put more than 5-7 fish in this tank because its more about swimming space than the size of the fish.

a good stocking list for you would be:

1 tang
1 puffer
2 clowns
2 wrasses
1 goby

remember take your time.

New 90 Gallon salt tank

3 posts

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