stand by their clowns.......

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stand by their clowns.......

by Snowboss4492

Live aquaria is shipping my entire order out to me this coming Tuesday,....after keeping them up to date on survivors they volentarily offerd the re-ship....boss is still impressed,lol

I added a chemi-pure elite bag to my filter today as well, in hopes that thesilica might be somewhat removed to aid in keeping this brown crap cut down - -container says its supposed to remove phosphate and silcate - - just drop the bag in the filter - -should last 5-8 months in my 20 gallon tank - - anybody ever used it?

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by frmnutn2sumtn

i have chemi in my tank...shits amazing..good stuff

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by saltwaterpimp

you think your water is clean now.. you aint seen nothing my freind..chemi pure is by far the best stuff i have used..if you had corals you would see them open like you aint never seen.....

stand by their clowns.......

3 posts

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